Most of my early career was spent as a freelance creative director, working with studios such as Aardman Animation on a wide range of exciting TV idents, commercials and films.

I share my passion for animation with a love for cars, motorsport and car design. My interest in these has lead to some hugely exciting projects, including commissions from many well-known manufacturers and documenting the build of the Bloodhound and Beast of Turin land speed record cars.

Although I still take many photographs for magazines and event organisers I have increasingly been leaving the camera in its bag and capturing vehicles with a pencil and paper (or iPad). Sitting in front of a car for an hour, taking in all the tiny details as I sketch is very rewarding - as are the friendly chats with the people I meet.

Be it animation, photography, film or art, I'd love to hear about any project you think I could help with.
Clients include: Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, Pininfarina, Goodwood Road & Racing, Bloodhound SSC, Aardman Animation, RM Sothebys, Castrol, STP, Adobe, The Automobile, Octane, Classic & Sportscar, Popular Mechanics, Motor Sport, Porsche Post, Classic Cars, Le Mans Classic
If you'd like to know still more - you'll find a nice interview I did with the Megadeluxe website here and another I did with Hemmings here. Follow on Facebook and Instagram to see my latest work.
For limited edition prints and original art please visit the Etsy store.
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